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FGROUP: F211630 Benzene F211631 Phenyl COMPOUND: 5132

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1. C07111 Ethylbenzene (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)

2. C00556 Benzenemethanol (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)
  • cetraxate benzylesterase
  • N-benzyloxycarbonylglycine hydrolase
  • N(alpha)-benzyloxycarbonylleucine hydrolase

3. C03485 Aromatic primary alcohol (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)

4. C00601 Phenylacetaldehyde (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)

5. C05332 2-Phenylethylamine (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)
  • (S)-N-acetyl-1-phenylethylamine hydrolase
  • phenylalanine decarboxylase

6. C05853 Phenethyl alcohol (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)

7. C02505 2-Phenylacetamide (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)

8. C07514 Amphetamine (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)
No enzymes registered.

9. C07884 Dextroamphetamine (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)
No enzymes registered.

10. C05613 Benzylformate (Molfile)(InChI)(KEGG)
No enzymes registered.
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